Power of the Press: Black Voice News @ 50
Coming June 16, 2023

About the Exhibition

Commemorating 50 years of service as a source for community news and information in the Inland Empire, Power of the Press: Black Voice News @ 50, documents the transformation of the Black Voice News from a printed community weekly newspaper to a digital solutions focused, data reporting news organization.

The exhibit highlights not only the organization’s work as local government watchdogs but as recorders of Black life in the Inland Empire, including profiles of leaders making a difference in communities across the region, coverage of community events, mapping community assets, and reporting on the fight for social justice and racial equity.

Highlights of the exhibit include chronicling the power of the Black church, illustrating the impact of Black-led non-profit organizations, and documenting the legacies Black professionals – doctors, educators, elected leaders, business owners and corporate executives.

Publishing in the spirit of the Black Press, the Black Voice News has a duty to “plead the cause” of the Inland Empire’s Black community. To give voice to the voiceless. To serve as a beacon in the storm of injustice. To defend the rights of those that have been discriminated against and unjustly treated. And to keep a vigilant eye on those who have sworn to work for the public good.