George Air Force Base: Commemorating Its Legacy 30 Years Later

About the Exhibition

The High Desert has a long history of dedication, honor, and community service. George Air Force Base (GAFB) played a significant role in that history, and continues to have a lasting influence on this region thirty years after its closure. GAFB (previously known as the Victorville Army Air Field) was established in Victorville by the United States Army Air Corps as an advanced flying school. In 1941, construction began on the base. In addition to the airfield, over 250 buildings were constructed, including barracks, administrative buildings, maintenance shops, hangars, hospitals, warehouses, social clubs, libraries, and stores. After World War II, the airfield was placed on standby status. All flying ceased as of October 1945, and the base was primarily used as a surplus aircraft storage facility. In 1950, the airfield was officially named George Air Force Base in honor of Brigadier General Harold Huston George who was a World War I fighter ace and served in the Far East Air Force in the Philippines during World War II. Shortly after, the base was reactivated and a rapid refurbishment was conducted.

George Air Force Base was officially decommissioned in December 1992. Today, several of the old base buildings are still used by the Army and Marine Corps for urban warfare training. The airfield is now a part of the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) which is operated by the city of Victorville. Despite the base closing thirty years ago, local residents still remember the impact that it had on this region.