Apparitions of the Ice Age: Paleo-Art

About the Exhibition

Decades of research and investigation have uncovered a compelling and detailed story about change, extinction, and survival at Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument in Las Vegas, Nevada. These stories come to life through paintings that represent four snapshots in time over the last 100,000 years. Discover the science and collaboration behind our understanding of Ice Age Las Vegas and our changing environment.

About the Artist

Dr. Julius Csotonyi is a natural history illustrator specializing in scientifically inspired visual art. His style ranges from pencil and ink line drawings to oil painting, watercolor, pastel, digital illustrations, and three-dimensional digital models. Dr. Csotonyi draws from his own scientific background in ecology and microbiology and works collaboratively with researchers to visually portray the findings of their work. His passion for depicting prehistoric life stems from a childhood fascination with dinosaurs. Dr. Csotonyi invites viewers to see the overlaps in prehistoric life with the world around us today. He hopes that in learning from our past, we feel inspired to protect biodiversity today.

Exhibition Credits:
Apparitions of the Ice Age: Paleo-Art exhibit is curated by the National Park Service.