San Bernardino County Museum Mobile App

Visit your favorite museum on the go! Download our app today!

The San Bernardino County Museum has announced the release of its new mobile Museum app available as a free download from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play App Store.

The new San Bernardino County Museum mobile app will allow you to explore the museum and discover exciting artifacts and stories by selecting personalized tours and points of interest using beacon-enabled interactive maps. Simply select your areas of interest from a wide variety of tours developed by our curators and the mobile app will alert you when you are near artifacts, stories, and spaces that match your interests. The mobile app is also available in Spanish too!

The San Bernardino Museum campus is large, so the interactive map can also help you find important amenities like restrooms, water fountains, and the welcome desk and museum store. The Events Tab will also help you keep track of the exciting events taking place at the museum like Old West Days, Arthropolooza: The Ultimate Bugfest, and our popular Cosmic Nights.

You don’t have to be visiting the museum to use the mobile app. Download the app and begin discovering the San Bernardino County Museum from the comfort of your living room.

Mobile Tours include:

  • Collections Highlights
  • Anthropology Highlights
  • Biology Highlights
  • Earth Sciences Highlights
  • History Highlights
  • Tight on Time